Delivering Success Matters More Than Saving a Buck

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love saving money? After all, running a successful business often means being a savvy shopper. At Priority Courier, we understand the importance of a healthy bottom line. We’ve been delivering success in Memphis for years, and that includes watching our own expenses. Here’s the thing: the “cheap” solution can … Read more

Start Your Own Courier Business

courier in the gold coins

Ditch the 9-to-5, Build Your Courier Empire: Freedom & Profit Await at Priority Courier! If your tired of feeling stuck in a dead-end job with limited earning potential, start your own courier business. Break free and become your own boss with an experienced partner! As an independent courier contractor, you’ll experience the thrill of building … Read more

Medical Couriers: Unsung Heroes in Motion


Did you know that the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities relies heavily on a network of silent heroes: medical couriers? These dedicated individuals clock in 7.3 billion dollars of value annually within the medical courier market, ensuring the timely and secure delivery of critical medical specimens, supplies, and equipment. From ensuring accurate diagnoses with 18,000 … Read more

Courier Terminology: A Crash Course


Ever received a package “last mile” and wondered what courier terminology is about? Or stumbled upon “white glove” service and pictured fancy glove-wearing couriers? Fear not, for this blog post unlocks the secrets of courier lingo in plain English without Wikipedia! And if you don’t care but need a courier, just call 901-301-0915 and Priority … Read more

Ice Freezes Business in Memphis

ice smah up

Ice freezes business in Memphis! So is Memphis, land of barbeque, blues, and… the ice apocalypse? While snow might spark grocery store frenzy and Charger joyrides, its icy cousin, frozen precipitation, brings the city to a screeching halt. And when Memphis slows down, delivery times go into hibernation. At Priority Courier, we wear our commitment … Read more

Priority Courier Services: Gearing Up for a Transformative 2024


The clock is ticking on 2024, and at Priority Courier Services, we’re buzzing with excitement! The new year isn’t just turning a page – it’s opening a whole new chapter for our company. Get ready for a story filled with growth, innovation, and unwavering dedication to your delivery needs. Priority Courier Services is Expanding our … Read more

Priority Paycheck? Here’s How to Earn It


My phone rings every day with folks interested in a Priority Courier paycheck. Some are just curious, while others genuinely want to put in the smart work to earn it. If you’re among the latter, here’s the straight scoop on partnering with us: Availability is the Key! When we bring you on board, it’s a … Read more

Tips for Navigating Memphis Like a Pro


Sure, Memphis is known for its bluesy tunes and soulful spirit, but navigating its traffic can feel like an improvised jazz solo – unpredictable and, at times, downright chaotic. Fear not, weary traveler! The intrepid couriers at Priority Courier Service have braved the Memphis asphalt jungle countless times, and we’re here to share our hard-won … Read more

Priority Courier: Gearing Up for a Transformative 2024


The Courier Busines in 2024 As the calendar flips to 2024, Priority Courier is eager to embark on an ambitious year marked by expansion, innovation, and a commitment to exceptional service. Here’s a glimpse into our exciting plans: Expanding our Warehouse Services: Prioritizing Medical Courier Services: Embracing Technological Advancements: Building a Secure Future: Uncertain but … Read more

2023 in the Courier Business

Navigating the Rapids: The Courier Business in 2023 2023 was a year that sent the courier business on a wild ride. It was like white-water rafting through a canyon – exhilarating, challenging, and full of surprises. But through the turbulence, Priority Courier not only managed to stay afloat but also discovered some hidden gems and … Read more