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Outsource Deliveries to a Courier

By TheDeliveryMan

Why You Should Outsource Your Deliveries to a Courier Service

Why outsource deliveries to a courier? Well, a few weeks ago, a group of kids stole a Charger and led the Memphis PD on a chase. At an intersection, they plowed into one of Priority Courier’s Sprinter vans. They piled out of the car and escaped into the night, but not before the stolen Charger ricocheted off Priority van number one and into Priority van number two.

Outsoure deliveries to a courier.

This true story illustrates the dangers of the Memphis streets. Every time my wife or daughter is out, I pray a little more. If Priority Courier’s key people weren’t professional drivers, I’d worry about them even more than I do now.

So why would you brave the streets when Priority Courier can do it for you? Our services are reasonable, reliable, and we’ll take the risk. Changing a tire on the expressway is never fun, and the less you’re on the expressway, the lower the chances of that happening, or something worse. Call us at 901-301-0915. We’re standing by.

Outsourcing Deliveries is Good Business

I’m also baffled by why business owners send valued employees to run errands that Priority Courier can do for them. I’m sure your employees generate a lot of revenue for you, and two hours of their time is worth much more than the cost of Priority Courier running something from East Memphis to Bartlett. Plus, there’s less chance of them making an afternoon out of their afternoon marijuana break if they’re in the office.

Just say no to delivery errands. Outsource your deliveries. Let the pros at Priority Courier handle them for you. It’s what we do. We’ve been at it for a while now. Keep your people busy and help us keep ours working. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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